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Can I request expedited shipping?



  • Patricia Dipaterio

    I was just wondering I love your products and your crystals but why does it take so long to ship I Purchased from other companies and within 48 hours I get notification that it’s been shipped this is a very big drawback for me for placing more orders unfortunately 🐞

  • ddrakkir

    Order 1808859 says complete but I have not received The ultimate protection kit has shipped already

  • carla sinclair tabanji

    Place the order for Merlinite Dodecahedrop & Sage bundle 12/10/2020 #1856466 , I checked USPS .9400116902177083124452 ,,The order is sitting at Los Angeles CA Network Distribution Center over four weeks now. How can we solve this delay. TY


  • Theresa

    I would happily pay more for shipping to have my order expedited.  I ordered a bracelet for my sister and it's very disappointing to find out that it takes 2 weeks to arrive!  Too long!  I wrote an email to customer service and they replied that it is faster to get help here.  I don't know if I am requesting help in the right place. 


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